Ariel Baron-Robbins

Position: Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor | Animation
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Categories: AI Users
Location: Architecture + The Arts

Ariel Baron-Robbins, an interdisciplinary artist and academic specializing in Digital Media and Drawing, teaches Animation at Florida International University as a Visiting Associate Teaching Professor. Holding an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of South Florida, she has over a decade of experience teaching Drawing and Digital Art in South Florida and has exhibited her artwork widely.
She is integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence into her Intermediate Animation, Advanced Animation, and Story Development courses. She requires students to use GAN programs in the classroom for creating animations and to assist with conceptualization and research. She recorded live on X and for a podcast during her Intermediate/Advanced class in 2024 with artist and podcaster Whizpill, titled “Animation & AI: Skills & Tools of the Future Taught in Universities.”She has recently participated in a panel at FIU’s Ratcliffe Incubator Space, titled “Before and After,” where she discussed and demonstrated the impact of using Generative AI. Additionally, she was featured in a discussion with Stephanie Tripp from the University of Tampa, titled “Discussion with Curator, AI, NFTs, Art and the Metaverse,” held at Tempus Projects in Tampa, FL.